Our Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our premium quality ecological toothbrushes? Or have inquiries about the first environmentally friendly toothbrush subscription service in the UK? You may find the answers you are looking for among our Frequently Asked Questions, below.


A) Of course not! Our luxurious handles have been smoothed down to perfection, allowing for ideal grip and no splinters in anyone’s fingers!
A) Yes, we do. You should try our activated charcoal infused toothbrush set which uses our same Bamboo handle. Charcoal is proven to help whiten teeth by the most natural means possible; adhering to any grittiness on the teeth and absorbing the molecules to leave you with less stains and better oral hygiene all round. All you need to do is request our charcoal toothbrush in your subscription information.
A) Our handles are completely recyclable, unfortunately though our bristles have 38% Nylon in their make up. As of this moment it is not yet scientifically possible to find a sustainable, fully natural alternative without relying on the hog’s hair that our ancestors used!

Be assured that when a fully biodegradable alternative does become available we will be fully invested in the research and development of new bristles so that our toothbrushes become 100% biodegradable.

A) MOSO Bamboo has a regrowth rate of only 2 years. Given that 33% of China is covered in mountains with 29% plateaus and 10% hillsides combined with the fact that we produce only a few million toothbrushes a year – we could effectively harvest only 1 or 2 percent of the total area for our Bamboo. We can’t think of a more fully sustainable source than that!

A) The result of living in a commercial world is that toothbrush manufacturers have come up with all sorts of flashy features to help their brand sell best – most of which are pointless. The key to a successful oral hygiene routine is in replacing your brush often to stop the growth of bacteria. Our subscription service panders to this need while simultaneously providing a plant-based soft bristle that works hard to keep your teeth and gums squeaky clean!

A) Every single animal tested in the ocean was found to have plastic in its gut. With an island of plastic floating around in the sea and only 12 years until the planet becomes irreversibly damaged by pollution: the time to change our habits is now. It has never been more important to change our ways before there is nothing to leave the coming generations. The effect of this pollution is no longer in the distant future, it is in the immediate future. Even something as small as a toothbrush can make a huge difference.

A) Yes, yes and yes! It would take significant strength, a lot of determination and a helping of purposeful intent to snap one of our MOSO toothbrushes. Although they are biodegradable they will take a few years to compost – so you don’t need to worry about them disintegrating in your hands! With our toothbrush subscription service you can be sure of a brand new toothbrush every 6 weeks too, so you shouldn’t still be using the first one by the time it comes to degrade.
A) When you compost our bamboo handle it will eventually decompose back into water, soil and fulvic acids which are found naturally in the environment. This process may take up to 5 years but is accelerated by heat and moisture. In ideal composting environments (i.e. the centre of a well maintained heap) it should be completely gone within three years.
A) Our toothbrushes ought to be disposed of in your food waste bin, but you should remove the bristles with scissors before you toss them away. The bristles may degrade if your local plant recycles bioplastics. You can find out by following this link.
A) Your Bamboo toothbrush should last for up to six months of use – but why you would want to use it that long is another question entirely! Why not join our subscription service instead, and guarantee yourself a new toothbrush every six weeks to ensure the future of your oral hygiene routine… and take a little plastic off your consumption, to boot.
A) Yes. We also do family packs with funky colours for the kiddies, charcoal infused bristled environmentally friendly toothbrushes for stained teeth, Bamboo travel cases, tongue cleaners – and more! All are made using the same truly sustainable ingredients as our standard toothbrush and any additions are from entirely natural, sustainable sources!

All Other Enquiries

If you still don’t have the answers about our Bamboo Toothbrushes that you need, or if you want to get in touch with s for any other reasons – then contact us now! We love to hear from all of you and have complete confidence in both our brushes and our subscription service. No question is too big or too small; our customer’s opinions are just as important as our true sustainability promise!

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The Bamboo Toothbrush has been created to revolutionize the way you shop for your toothbrush. We offer a unique, environmentally friendly toothbrush subscription service, presenting a low cost, biodegradable alternative to adding more plastic to your shopping list.